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Privately Insured Patients

Downs Endoscopy Services is a “No Gap Provider”. This means if you hold private health insurance and are covered for endoscopy services, you will not incur any out of pocket expenses for the services of the doctor performing the procedure but rather the invoice will be sent directly to your health fund for payment.  Depending on your level of cover with your private insurer, your health fund may require you to pay an excess or co-payment; this will be payable to the Hospital’s Day Surgery on the day of the procedure.


To find out if you are covered for endoscopy services, call your private health insurer and provide them with the following information:  

  • For a colonoscopy, the item number you will need to provide is 32090

  • For a gastroscopy, the item number you will need to provide is 30473

  • For a combined gastroscopy and colonoscopy, you will need to quote both item     numbers (30473 + 32090)

Uninsured Patients

If you do not have private health insurance with hospital cover that covers you for endoscopy services, you will be required to pay for the procedure in full prior to the day of your procedure.  A formal itemised receipt for the Doctor's fees will be issued post procedure to enable you to lodge a claim with Medicare.

Uninsured patients need to be aware that in addition to the Doctor’s fees at Downs Endoscopy Services, they will need to contact both Downs Anaesthetic Practice and hospital admissions at St Vincent’s or St Andrews hospital for a comprehensive quote to include all costs involved in having the procedure. Please note additional fees for pathology may be incurred.  


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