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Blood Thinners

Prescribed Medication

Due to the open-access nature of our practice, our doctors may not be aware that patients are currently taking blood thinners or why they are taking them. Hence, patients who are currently taking blood thinners should refer back to their prescribing GP/Specialist to develop a management plan for their medication in the lead-up to a procedure. 

As blood thinners can increase the risk of bleeding, particularly when taking biopsies or removing polyps, it is important that patients discuss with their doctor whether to stop taking these medications before their endoscopy.  When patients have not received advice from their GP/Specialist and blood thinners have not been appropriately managed (ceased or reduced depending on circumstances) prior to the procedure, it may be necessary to cancel the procedure and reschedule for a later date.

Please do not cease your blood thinners without consulting your GP/Specialist.

Natural Therapies

If you are taking fish oil or krill oil it is advised that you stop taking these supplements five days prior to your procedure as they are considered a natural blood thinner.


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