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Our Story

Downs Endoscopy Services (DES) was founded in Toowoomba in 1989 as the brainchild of four foundation Directors – gastroenterologist Dr Peter Stephenson, general physician Dr George Tucker and general surgeons Dr Bob Vickers and Dr John Hede.

DES was founded as a result of the increasing demand for endoscopy procedures in Toowoomba; endoscopy was more accurate and allowed for extra functions than the use of barium contrast x-rays (which also involved significant radiation exposure). By the late 1980’s, endoscopy equipment had improved to allow procedures to be performed quickly and safely, however, General Practitioners  (GPs) had to refer their patients to a specialist for endoscopy procedures when often they did not require ongoing specialist involvement in their care. The founding Directors therefore realised that there was a need for an efficient, easy-to-access endoscopy service in Toowoomba, where patients and their GPs could review the results of their procedure as soon as required. This meant that the GPs could continue to manage a patient’s care, or refer the patient to further specialist care if deemed necessary.

DES was first based at the Toowoomba Specialist Centre. Upper endoscopies (gastroscopies) were performed in the Toowoomba Surgicentre Theatre which was also located in the Toowoomba Specialist Centre. Lower endoscopies (colonoscopies) were performed at St Vincent’s Hospital. After moving the office to St Vincent’s Hospital, all procedures were performed in the Hospital. Directors bought and supplied all of their own equipment as well as performing patient sedations themselves - current best practise at the time. DES was the first endoscopy service to purchase and use video scopes which supplanted the original flexible endoscopes (fibre optic scopes). Video scopes provided much clearer views than fibre optic scopes, and allowed nurses to actively assist in endoscopic procedures such as removing colonic polyps. This increased the efficiency and safety of procedures. Increased patient safety and comfort also evolved with the recruitment of specialist anaesthetists to provide sedation. 

Today, Downs Endoscopy Services is managed by four directing endoscopists. DES now performs procedures every weekday, as well as one Saturday per month, at St Vincent’s and St Andrew’s Private Hospitals in Toowoomba. Our office is located at Entrance 2 of St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Scott Street, Toowoomba.

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